The Diamond

I know what you’re thinking, two posts in a couple of days in unheard of; insanity, if you are an extremist. However, there is an occasion for this one, which I think is something to celebrate.

My grandparents have their 60th Wedding Anniversary Today – the Diamond, which is the most exquisite jewel of them all – and they are still right in the midst of happiness which I think is inspiring. This just happens to be the same day as my AS results day, which was terrifying, still is terrifying, but the fact that it has fallen on the same day as my grandparents’ diamond anniversary seems like destiny to me, or its just an utter coincidence.

I have written a story which highlights the happiness that has been diffused around the world from their relationship, which is something that we should all aspire to be like.


With love, comes war. A war of happiness. A fight to be happier than anyone else on the planet. With youth brings love, but statistically speaking, it only lasts for a few years and then a bomb explodes and, that’s it. So it’s not really love. It is rare to see a love that overcomes spillages of bitterness and eruptions of fury to be committed for sixty years. It is almost unheard of in this century, the twenty-first century where divorce is almost compulsory, unlike a few centuries back, when it was forbidden.

A couple with youth bursting inside of them join together with the hope and optimism that forever was a possibility. This was sixty years ago, however, and in comparison to this day and age, most young people throw the words love and forever around as if it were a boomerang, that would always come back. It doesn’t, for most high school relationships, just caught up in the moments of dates upon dates and love upon lust.

Sixty years ago, the year 1956, the 18th of August, a day that two people at the prime of their love dedicated themselves to each other for eternity. It is such a rarity for this to last; 1956 feels like a lifetime ago. Nearly four years after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. That must show adoration for another person. Queen Elizabeth? It shows her adoration for the country, the world; and the fact that she has impeccable health to live until she’s ninety. The couple are in their early eighties, so they are running parallel to the Queen, but just as glorified.

Finding this love; the desperation to be with that one person thrills the world. Infatuation turns into affection, which turns into passion, which concludes with soul worship of another person. The concept seems completely unheard-of, unknown, until couples like this one adjoin and become a diamond in the sky. Like a star shooting down into the soil of the earth. A delicate star, nonetheless, creeping their way into heaven so secretly, yet being extrovert.

The life that we all aspire to live, is happening to people everywhere in the world. To find that lovely person to commit to forever. Some people find it now, at the ages of seventeen and eighteen, but most people do not. But the rarity is here, today, another shining diamond decorating the world’s atmosphere with its beauty of marriage.


Sixty years ago a couple of twenty-three-year-olds engaged in a ceremony which is still being celebrated to this day, and I am in awe of the fact that they are my DNA.

Hopefully, sixty years from now we will all be as happy as they are today. Congratulations Gran & Grandad on being those shining diamonds in the sky. Lots of love.



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