How I Was

Hello and welcome back into the insane life inside my mind. Your presence is making me glow, despite not knowing exactly who is in there. Comment below if you like being inside my brain, (that is by far the strangest sentence I have said / typed in my life).

I found a bizarre piece of writing that I wrote over a year ago not too long ago,  which came across my radar as being unique enough to post for you to read and absorb. Congratulations for being able to read the weirdness that I created.


Some people say that I have a ‘creative mind’, which may indeed be true. But, I don’t know whether to take this as a compliment or a desirable insult? I continue to tell myself that, how I write is who I am. I like to think that my writing is creative, so therefore I prove everyone right. But I never voice to myself why I write to signify myself. Maybe I don’t signify myself. Or do I?

If you were to go on a journey into my mind, that all exclusive ‘creative mind’ of mine, you would presumably get utterly lost in the pure fascination I have for the minutest of things. To express why I write, you will have to picture a little toy tour bus that enters my brain, so come on. Hop on. If you’re not too afraid…

“Welcome to the Aimee Wright Brain tour. You will see on your right the dramatic dominance of imagination while the left hemisphere barely exists at all.” The conductor will shout out to each of you passengers on board. Isn’t this experience thrilling?

“Let’s enter the logical side of the brain first, due to it taking up a positive amount of zero percent to get through. She never was a mathematician or a scientist…

“Now, entering the right side, or what you may as well call the entire brain, is full of imaginative things. If you watch closely, you can see her thoughts generate, through pictures, not words. The left hemisphere doesn’t give her enough lucidity to submit any interesting words into the world. She also submits no writing pieces she’s completed. Which, due to her lack of realism, she doesn’t actually have many completed pieces.”

This of course, I am desperate to change.

I think hat anyone can answer the question of how and why I write. It’s simply because, as the conductor put it beautifully, the left side of my brain is non-existent. There is no room for logic in my writing, I write because (explain the ‘why’) I am nothing but a ‘creative mind’.


And there we have the wonderful world of my brain, please feel free to tell me how strange I was a year ago. What a wonderful world.


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