How I Met You – the final part

I decided not to give you a new piece until I finished this story, which is why it has been so long. I apologise profusely!

But, it is only a short little ending, but it does indeed tie up this story into a gorgeous bow. And, I have no doubt in saying that, I am so glad I have told it.


You were the six footer, standing tall above me, weren’t you? I felt as though I should get platforms and a top hat to be in the same fight-class as you. I picked up a stick and aimed for your head to see if I could reach. But instead, it got your chest just proving my tininess. And you threw your stick over my head. If you think it like that, I won that round.

A friend of ours – a little smaller than you – witnessed the playful stick fight and I thought he was going to stop it. But instead, he took my stick, and then he took yours. He took us to the end of the silky green sea. I was paddling like a breathless puppy in the sea as you, you were swimming tall, weren’t you? You were quite able to swim faster than me. I tried to catch up but my arms just got tired, but finally we got to the place our friend wanted us.

My back turned to your back. My back touched your back. My head touched your back, while your head was high above. This friend was making the mock-fight a game in which, I’m sure, he wanted you to win. He was a boys-boy; looking after the men before the women. Do you remember that?

Do you remember the way he told us to step away from each other slowly? Do you remember the game in slow motion as we did this? Even though I was walking away from you all I could think was you; were you really going to throw a stick at me for this friend’s pleasure?

On the contrary, you threw it at me for your own pleasure. It landed in my hair when we were told to turn around and throw. That meant you could come to me and take it out of my hair and apologise. And that’s what you did.

The guy walked away with a piteous walk, as if he was mad at you for not battering me more. We were just talking, and you told me it was just an accident to begin with, and I felt like an idiot. And why didn’t you tell me before?

I’m glad you didn’t tell me before. Because this is how I met you. In a game that became my life. If we were to continue to throw sticks to this day, it’d be a pile over a million feet high. Each throw was another coin into our rich, rich relationship.

Rich of friendship to begin. Rich of infatuation to continue. Rich of adoration forever.

This moment, when I met you, will me engraved into my mind for as long as I can breathe. And if the world was going to implode, I cannot imagine you not being there beside me, saving me.


Love to the recipient of this piece. And for all who need it.