First Official Blog

I find myself writing all the time but never really had the time to actually make the blog…I was always ignorant to how blogs worked, or actually got successful, but my understanding grew. But I’m still a bit like a weak puppy with my knowledge levels.

With this in mind, it would be helpful to know what stories you would want to read about; I dedicate my writing to escaping what has been happening in my life, but usually the words splattering onto the page aren’t to do with me at all. Sometimes, it’s to do with someone I’ve never even met, or heard of, or they have a problem I have never been able to relate to. And never will.

I am passionate about what I write, and would like to share some of my short stories on here with you. I am usually a very hidden kind of person, and I would never do this usually, but I thought that my role in life is nothing if I don’t share the¬†creativity that I have found myself to¬†be established in.

I also would like to illustrate how I feel, only sometimes, with the rest of you. I feel like a trapped bottle of wine, sometimes, drowning in my sorrows. Literally! But maybe, with an online journal that I can spit my thoughts directly onto the computer screen and the wine bottle, won’t even exist at all!

In the end, I just need to be recognised for what I’m worth, really. If anything. That would be enough, so if the world (if this blog ever gets that far!) recognises me I will be happier, well, I hope so.